The firm offers its local and foreign clients assistance in the main areas of business law and tax law.

Our teams have skills and expertise that allow us to provide legal and tax support adapted to the projects of our clients.

  • Droit fiscal

    Taw law

    Business Taxation
    International taxation
    Transfert price
    VAT and indirect taxation
    International mobility advice
    International Trade, Excise
    Green taxation
    Taxation of Mergers & Acquisitions
    Tax compliance
    Wealth taxation
    Taxation of directors
    Tax control and litigation

  • Droit douanier

    Customs law

    Access to the WAEMU market and intra-WAEMU free movement of products, people, capital and services
    Customs clearance procedures and special customs regimes
    Tariff classification, origin, customs value of goods
    Import VAT
    Trade defense measures: anti-dumping and anti-subsidy
    Export control measures
    Audit of customs procedures
    Assistance in case of customs control: hearings, visit, investigation
    Customs control and litigation

  • Droit minier

    Mining law

    Procedures for obtaining titles related to mining activities
    Negotiations with governments
    Mining due diligence
    Resettlement procedure for affected populations
    Expropriation procedures
    Environmental regulations
    Environmental Compliance and Mine Closures
    Social responsibility of mining companies
    Mine closure and recovery procedure
    Mining taxes and royalties
    Mining litigation

  • Droit du commerce international

    International trade law

    Market access for foreign investors
    Regulation of Foreign Investment Operations
    Protection of the rights of foreign investors
    International sales contracts
    Cross-border service delivery
    International e-commerce
    International transport operations
    International trade litigation

  • Droit de l’énergie

    Energy law

    Regulation of titles, permits and authorizations in terms of energy
    Energy sector regulation
    Regulation of network access
    Legal audit of energy activity
    Energy-related land regulatory aspects
    Structuring of investment operations in the energy sector
    Financing of investment operations in the energy sector
    Energy taxation
    Contracts relating to the construction and operation of the energy installation
    Energy supply contracts, electricity purchase contracts, energy performance contracts
    Energy-related public contracts: public-private partnerships, concessions, public service delegation
    Energy litigation

  • Droit commercial et droit des sociétés

    Commercial law and company law

    Choice of legal structures
    Legal secretary to Boards of Directors and General Meetings
    Legal audit
    Corporate finance transactions: entry of independent or institutional investors (issue of shares, bonds or complex securities, partnership agreements, etc.
    External growth operations
    Restructuring: merger, demerger, partial contribution of assets, universal transfers of assets
    Structuring, organization, monitoring of groups of companies or businesses
    Transfer of companies or participations
    Commercial contracts
    Business and similar transactions
    Commercial Leases,
    Lease management
    Insolvency proceedings

  • Droit du financement

    Financing law

    Regulation of banking and financial services
    Market financing regime
    Infrastructure financing methods
    Renewable Energy Financing Processes
    Structuring of acquisition and buyout financing with leverage (LBO)
    Asset financing terms
    Real estate financing structuring

  • Droit des assurances

    Insurance law

    Insurance company compliance
    Warranty conditions
    Exclusion clauses
    Scope of the warranty
    Duration and effects of the guarantee
    Insurance premiums
    Early termination of the contract
    Risk statement
    Warranty limits
    Disaster management
    Insurance litigation

  • Droit de la commande publique

    Public procurement law

    Proofreading or writing contract documents
    Analysis of application files or offers
    Negotiation with the private partner
    Proofreading or writing offers
    Public procurement litigation

  • Droit de la propriété intellectuelle et industrielle

    Intellectual and industrial property law

    Strategies for the protection of intangible assets
    Filing formalities for trademarks, designs and models, etc.
    Operating contracts
    Ownership transfer contracts
    Exploitation rights concession contracts
    Intellectual and industrial property litigation

  • Droit de la concurrence et de la distribution

    Competition and distribution law

    Restrictive practices
    Abuse of dominant position
    Unfair competition
    Distribution contracts: exclusive, selective distribution, franchise, brand license, etc.
    Exclusive agreements, commercial cooperation
    Commercial agent contracts,
    Terms and conditions
    Competition and distribution litigation

  • Droit des transports et de la logistique

    Transport and logistics law

    Carriage contracts
    Contracts related to transport
    Logistics services
    Transport insurance
    Road transport regulations
    Transport and logistics litigation

  • Droit des télécommunications, des technologies de l’information et de la communication

    Telecommunications, information technology and communication law

    Broadband and very high-speed public service contracts and delegations
    State aspects: rights of way, damages, etc.
    Telecommunication taxes and charges
    Licensing procedures
    Penalty and license withdrawal procedures
    Regulatory Audit
    Negotiations between operators
    Regime for fiber optic backbone projects
    Telecommunications litigation

  • Droit du recouvrement de créances

    Debt collection law

    Amicable recovery
    Judicial recovery

  • Droit du contentieux

    litigation law

    Proceedings before national courts
    Execution of decisions and awards

  • Droit social

    Social law

    Management of the contractual relationship
    International mobility
    Payroll management
    Social declarations
    Social compliance
    Termination of labor relations
    Social litigation.